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Yes, unfortunately some places are Sh**holes!

January 2018

Yes what President Donald Trump allegedly said was crass and a little vulgar, but is he wrong? I’ll argue that he simply said something we all think about certain countries, or at least areas of certain countries. I loved the resorts and beaches in the Dominican Republic, but I wouldn’t want to live in the areas of countryside I toured on ATV and horseback.

That’s not a statement on the people, but the conditions they live under.  They shit-holes because of crime, corruption and poverty, not because of the race of the people.

When you don’t have things like clean, running water, proper sanitation, nutritious food and housing that adequately protects you from the elements, you may live in a shit-hole.

How many of you virtue-signalling progressive hypocrites out there would move to or even vacation in some of the countries that Trump references.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Be honest, here in North America there are some old roadside motels that no one with half a brain would pay good money to stay in because they look like “shit-holes.” You know the ones I mean; the ones that look like they rent by the hour.

We all have certain standards. How many of you out there go “Glamping?”

What I think Trump should have added is he wants skilled people immigrating to America, regardless of their ethnic origin or country of origin.  I’m sure most people from these countries want to get out of shit-hole countries too and come to North America for a better life.

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Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth served in the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve for 13 years (1987-2000). He served with units in Toronto, Hamilton & Windsor and worked or trained at CFB Esquimalt, CFB Halifax, CFB Petawawa, CFB Kingston, CFB Toronto, Camp Borden, The Burwash Training Area and LFCA Training Centre Meaford.

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