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When you find out that celebrity you admire is a jerk

June 2020

Author’s note: I wrote this one back in February 2020, but it sat in the vault until now.

During the last federal election in Canada, I found myself engaged in many discussions on line, attempting to debate some pretty hateful Liberals who see anyone who is not a die-hard, drink-the-Kool-Aid supporter of their Messiah, Justin Trudeau, a racist.

Some of these discussions were quite fun, while others were disturbing in just how much people twisted them into pretzels trying to justify behaviour committed by liberals, when they would condemn the exact same behaviour if a conservative committed it.

These are the posts as they were written by Sean Rooney and Liana Kerzner, so any spelling and grammar mistakes are not typos. This is exactly how the discussion played out, with no additions or deletions:


Sean Rooney scheer and bernier, two self proclaimed conservatives who dream of a whites only Canada…. [no poor people, ill people, disabled people or brown people ….]

  • Liana Kerzner to Sean Rooney Well, rich white people would be allowed to be ill or disabled, because they’re rich white people. And certain brown people would be allowed to stay because they vote conservative. Sounds something like authoritarian communist regimes, doesn’t it?

Sean Rooney to Liana Kerzner yeah it does

Bruce Forsyth to Sean Rooney, can you point me to the news sources that say that Scheer and Bernier want a “whites only Canada”? I’d like to see them for myself.

Sean Rooney to Bruce Andrews photographs of them hanging out with and endorsing racists such as faith goldy come to mind… oh yes the yellow vests and the proud boys white supremacist group as well…

Bruce Forsyth to Sean Rooney A lot of people hung out with Faith Goldy before she went completely nutty, including Trudeau, who had drinks with her at the Chateau Frontenac in Ottawa. Just because Scheer was in the same vicinity as the Yellow Vests and The Proud Boys, doesn’t mean that he is racist. Bernier is a little flirty with questionable people, but as I asked before, where has it been reported that either of them actually said they want a “whites only Canada”?

nationalpost.com‘The Liberals are lying’: Woman says she was with Trudeau and Faith…‘The Liberals are lying’: Woman says she was with Trudeau and Faith Goldy when they had drinks

Liana Kerzner to Brice Forsyth Read that article again. The headline is extremely misleading. There’s no proof Trudeau knew who those women were. They were delegates at the Liberal convention in, like, 2012.

Bruce Forsyth to Liana Kerzner, The National Post said in the article they have confirmed the validity of the source, but that’s a side-issue to my point.

I’d say it’s misleading to claim that two prominent politicians have said they want a “whites only Canada” without being prepared to provide a reputable source to validate that claim. Now I agree he (Trudeau) probably didn’t know who they were at the time, which is to say they weren’t anyone of significance at the time, besides that fact that Goldy hadn’t yet gone off the deep end and wasn’t the toxic, hateful person she is now. This is why a lot of people had no problem being around her at the time and/or working with her.

This is why it’s also misleading to claim that anyone who associated with her in the past is a far-right, bigot, racist, Nazi, white-power, anti-immigrant, anti-Semite, etc., etc. A lot of people have distanced themselves from her and should be applauded for that, not called a fellow traveler.

To claim someone is racist or says racist things just because you hate their politics is tearing this country apart. Isn’t that also considered fake news? I’m primarily talking about Scheer, but if Bernier didn’t say any such thing either, that should be noted too.

I despise racism and bigotry of any kind, including the bigotry against big and small “C” conservatives for no other reason than they lean to the right politically.

Not that I’m trying to start another topic, but I also despise hypocrisy, which is why it’s so appalling to have a certain person tell conservatives over and over how hateful and racist they are, only to find out that he’s done things that were considered racist even in 2001. Do you remember the heat Ted Danson took for appearing in blackface at a roast for Whoppi Goldberg, even after it was revealed that Goldberg played a part in pulling off the stunt? That was in 1993. Now I know that societal attitudes do change over time, but even in 1993 blackface was considered racist.

By the way, have you seen the movie “Sixteen Candles” lately? It’s pretty racist and sexist, something that I didn’t really get at the time, although I did think the character of “Long Duk Dong” was pretty corny.

I’ve been a fan of you and Steven since your days of Much Music and always looked forward to the annual Fromage specials.

If you want to block me, go ahead; it’s your Facebook page, but I’d like to see some balance and accountability in the information floating about on anti-social media these days. Take care Red.

Liana Kerzner to Bruce Forsyth okay you’re spreading misinformation and you don’t care. This isn’t about party affiliation this about basing decisions on the facts. Blocked.

Liana Kerzner

Liana Kerzner – Facebook icon of the first person I had to block for refusing to remove a story with a misleading headline. Of course he started claiming bias against Conservatives. It had nothing to do with that and everything to do with the things he was posting being fraudulent. It’s very sad that some people hate so hard that they feed themselves lies in order to avoid changing their mind on something.

And this is not just about Trudeau. If someone posted a lie about ANY leader and refused to remove it, I would have the same issue. And I’m not talking about some misleading talking point that’s repeated because all the parties are engaged in that. Singh keeps claiming Trudeau gave subsidies for private jets, even those Rosemary Barton called B.S. on him on that to his face.

I’m talking about flat out media malpractice. The National Post is no longer a reliable source. The Huffington Post outside of Althia Raj’s reporting is not a reliable source. The Sun is totally compromised. And The Post Millennial and the Rebel exist only to attack liberals.

There is bias in all reporting. But bias is a biased view of the FACTS. The fact that we live in a world where the press is allowed to twist things and lie about people because of a political bent is revolting and I won’t be a part of it.


Well, as you can see, the above debate was quite biased against conservatives and against respectful debate. Their attitude was, “You are wrong and I will give you nothing to substantiate my accusations because I can’t; just that you are a racist because you are a conservative.”

Liana posted this on her Facebook page after blocking me for “refusing to remove an article,” when she never asked me to remove it. I was able to view it on a second Facebook page that I have, but rarely use.

She just said basically that it was fake news and refused to debate me when I posted my rebuttal, which was articulate and respectful. The article that I posted was a National Post article that reports that Trudeau had drinks with Faith Goldy at the Chateau Frontenac in 2012 – https://nationalpost.com/news/another-round-in-trudeau-drinks-case?fbclid=IwAR1B_3J-ZyxLP4iklxGFHn1C4lAEsZ_oC3A35sw9D9URDUpGLUUMDoxiuWM.

Liana claimed this is fake news because she hates anything PostMedia publishes. Then she has the chutzpah to not only allow Sean Rooney’s post to remain, but agrees with it. Why the double standard Liana? When you say, “If someone posted a lie about ANY leader and refused to remove it, I would have the same issue,” and then refuse to follow through on that, that’s called a hypocrite.

I should note that this is the first time that I have ever interacted with Liana. It’s not like we’d gone at it before, so she had no reason to treat me so harshly and dismissively.

Since I could not post a response to Liana on her Facebook page, I posted the following on Steven Kerzner’s “Ed the Sock” Facebook page:

“If you don’t want to debate me Liana, that’s fine, but don’t tell lies about me and disparage me for simply having a different opinion and political views. You are the one who is hateful and feeds on lies. We are all Canadians and we should all be trying to achieve the same goals; making Canada an even better place to live and raise a family.

We can disagree without being hateful, but we should also be factual. I posted that National Post link to provide proof of what I’m saying; that I didn’t get it off Tin-FoilHat.com (not a real web site). Regardless of whether you disagree with PostMedia’s political stance, they are hardly a blog written by some guy in his parent’s basement. They are a responsible, legacy-media outlet, no different (in that regard) from the TorStar Corporation, whose papers I also read, along with PostMedia.

Now go ahead and block me too Ed, but maybe Liana should live up to the moto on your FUnetwork web page – “There has been minimal honest discussion between differing views and we are here to break the us versus them mentality”. So long.”

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