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Some good ideas; some WTF!

May 2020

A recent MSN news report hypothesises what the after-effects the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic will have on the way hotels do business in the future.

Some of these make sense, like receiving an electronic bill instead of a paper bill on checkout, along with a greater use of electronic check-in by using your cell phone and replacing the electronic key-cards with a cell phone application.

Although I’ve resisted the temptation to get a “smart phone” (I-phone, Android, etc.) in favour of keeping my compact and easy to put in my pocket flip-phone, I do realize that one day I will have to join the rest of the “smart phone” world.

Even eliminating the use of the bulk soap and shampoo dispensers in the shower in favour of the small, single use bottles, makes sense, as does eliminating the over-priced mini-bar.

However, some of the things that are mentioned in the article are a little perplexing. It mentions that the hotel buffets may eliminate the use of the shared serving utensils in favour of a masked and gloved server standing behind the buffet, not over-crowding the pool and use of hospital-grade disinfectants. Don’t they already follow health and fire code regulations?

Aren’t the serving utensils already cleaned and replaced according to health codes? If the buffet staff are doing their jobs properly, this should already be something they are monitoring, along with the likelihood that other guests will alert staff if they see someone sneezing on or otherwise contaminating the serving utensils.

Aren’t pool occupancy limits already observed by hotel staff? Most either have attendants or the ability to electronically monitor pools. I’ve never seen hotel pools so crowded that this should be a major problem, even in hotter climates where the pool is a very popular amenity.

This is besides the fact that unless you are family, a friend or in a romantic relationship, not that many people are getting so close to each other that it could be a problem (just like in communal showers). Other health issues are supposed to be resolved by the use of chlorine.

As for the use of hospital-grade disinfectants, I do agree this is a good idea regardless of a pandemic, but other than laundering the bed spread on a more regular basis (black lights can reveal the horror story that are the bed spreads), weren’t the hotel rooms, at least the higher-end hotels, being sanitized to appropriate health standards already? Aren’t the maids already issued high-quality cleaning products?

Oh well; I certainly won’t complain if hotels do upgrade their cleaning and health standards, but WTF!

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/lifestyle/travel/10-things-you-wont-see-in-hotels-anymore-readers-digest-canada/ss-BB13NxfG?ocid=spartandhp#image=1

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