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Police must be able to pursue

Published in the Toronto Sun

6 June 2007

Regarding police pursuits — we can make this really simple: When you see flashing red lights on a police car, pull to the right and stop as soon as you can safely do so. Period!

The idea of banning police from pursuing people suspected of committing an offence is ridiculous, even if it is “only a stolen car.” Why did they steal the car? What other crimes have been committed? Any other way would only encourage criminals to immediately get into a car and drive dangerously fast away from the scene of their crime. And how many people would dangerously speed, perhaps through a school zone, knowing the police couldn’t chase them if caught on radar? How loud would you protest police pursuits if that was your child’s school zone? Police shouldn’t be blamed for the dangerous actions of others, especially those who choose to run from the police.

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Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth served in the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve for 13 years (1987-2000). He served with units in Toronto, Hamilton & Windsor and worked or trained at CFB Esquimalt, CFB Halifax, CFB Petawawa, CFB Kingston, CFB Toronto, Camp Borden, The Burwash Training Area and LFCA Training Centre Meaford.

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