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I’m done with lockdowns

May 2021

The Ontario government announced that the stay-at-home order, that was set to expire on 20 May, will be extended to 2 June. Does anyone honestly believe it won’t be extended again, possibly into July?

How many times do we have to endure lockdown orders? Does anyone remember the “just two weeks to flatten the curve” we were told over a year ago? These lockdown orders might be a little easier to swallow if our politicians and health unit officials had exhausted all other options, but the simple fact is that they have no other options; just lock-downs that are devastating our economy and the lives of the citizens of Ontario.

Further, these lockdowns don’t seem to be following any common sense. We’re allowed to gather at places like Costco stores, yet we can’t go golfing, which is a sport that requires distance between people. How does that make any sense?

How many people have died from suicide, due to financial ruin? How many people have died, or will die, due to delayed surgeries, or undiagnosed afflictions such as cancer or heart conditions? What about the psychological abuse we are subjecting our children to with the constant doom and death predictions, with no end in sight?

I’m very lucky that I haven’t suffered a drop in my income; I was able to schedule a preventative medical procedure last summer, potentially sparing me any future complications. I live in a nice house with a small backyard and a deck, where I can set up my laptop or a portable DVD player and enjoy the warm weather in comfort.

However, despite what the provincial government decrees, I’m not going to stay home for the next month or two, or for however long these restrictions go on. Oh sure, I’ll stay home more than I normally would, simply because there’s not a lot you can do, what with things like amusement parks, museums, and community events shuttered. I do also want to stay infection-free, as I have since the beginning of this pandemic.

There’s also the PTSD that makes me want to isolate at times, but I digress.

However, if I feel like going out somewhere, I will do so without a second thought. I will obey the appropriate health protocols when I’m out, like wearing a mask when necessary, washing/sanitizing my hands as often as I can and keeping my distance from other people when required, so don’t accuse me of wanting to kill grandma.

I’m also scheduled to get my first vaccine dose this month, and I will actively try to get my second dose well before the four months that has already been scheduled for me. We are fools to buy into the idea that it’s OK to go against the manufacturer’s instructions of three to four weeks between doses. What about the “following the science” talking point that we constantly hear from our politicians?

I had plans to travel to the U.S., as I do every May, but I had to cancel those plans because I don’t wish to be subjected to a mandatory quarantine when I fly back into Canada at Toronto Airport, even though it’s debatable that I would have to quarantine or be caught/fined if I violated it.

What I will be doing is going on a short road-trip across Ontario in the next month. On this trip, I will be alone in my car for much of the time, stopping occasionally to snap some pictures, pick up some take-away food and stay at a hotel along my route. When in the company of other people, I will wear a mask and wash/sanitize my hands. I will do what I can to stay safe, and keep others safe too.

In other words, I will be as responsible and cautious as I reasonably can, so that I can continue to stay virus-free, yet continue to live my life. As many have noted, there’s more to life than just living.

I may do other short trips across the province throughout the summer, if the border remains closed. If I feel like going to Windsor for a day or two, I will go. If I feel like going to Timmins, I will go. If I feel like going to Ottawa, I will go.

On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t go to Ottawa. I might be too tempted to throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at Rideau Cottage (I’m just joking RCMP! OK?! Don’t kick down my front door and arrest me, alright. I’m just joking).

I’m obviously not the only one who feels this way, judging from the anti-lockdown protests that have been popping up across the province. I briefly attended a protest held in Barrie last month, mainly to get some photos for a previous column on this web site (see link below), but partly out of curiosity. While there were the expected anti-vaxers and anti-mask crowds there, most of the people in attendance were just fed-up like me.

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Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth served in the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve for 13 years (1987-2000). He served with units in Toronto, Hamilton & Windsor and worked or trained at CFB Esquimalt, CFB Halifax, CFB Petawawa, CFB Kingston, CFB Toronto, Camp Borden, The Burwash Training Area and LFCA Training Centre Meaford.

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