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Fake feminist Trudeau conspicuously absent in support for Iranian women

January 2018

Re: Trudeua’s progressivism doesn’t extend to Iran (Editorial, 9 January 2018, Toronto Sun): Trudeau and his fellow progressives have once again shown their hypocrisy by not expressing their support for the “white Wednesdays,” a on-line movement where citizens have been posting pictures and videos of themselves wearing white headscarves or pieces of white clothing as symbols of protest.

Some brave women are going further and shedding their hijabs in public in defiance of Iran’s dress code.

Progressives in North America have taken the hijab as a symbol of feminism and female empowerment, despite the fact that it’s actually a symbol of subjugation forced upon them by a misogynistic culture. The hijab is not a religious article, but is actually a cultural article.

Secular Muslim journalist Tarek Fatah has addressed the issue of the hijab in many columns over the years and in a recent edition of the Toronto Sun once again noted, “…the hijab has nothing to do with Islam as a religion.  It is not sanctioned anywhere in the Qur’an, the fundamental text of Islam or even in the dubious Hadith (traditions) attributed to Prophet Muhammad 100 yeas after his death.”  (1)

Those who doubt this should look at pictures from Afghanistan and Iran prior to the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Women wore Western-style outfits, including miniskirts and short-sleeved tops, but this all changed when the late Ayatollah Khomeini came to power.

Are progressives simply trying to indoctrinate North American women into wearing this repressive cultural item?

Go to “My Stealthy Freedom” on Facebook to express your support for these brave women.

Update:  Vida Movahed, the woman waiving a white “hijab” in protest in the cover photo was sentenced to 24 months in prison in March 2018 for her “offence.”  Women baring their hair in public are usually sentenced to shorter terms or a $25 fine.


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The Toronto Sun article that inspired this article:

Trudeua’s progressivism doesn’t extend to Iran (Editorial, 9 January 2018, Toronto Sun):

It’s been one of the most powerful images to come out of the Iranian uprising: A young woman standing on a platform, facing a crowd, her long hair out for all to see as she holds a stick with white fabric tied to it.

More and more women in Iran, along with supporters worldwide, are making public, symbolic statements like this. The grassroots uprising against that nation’s repressive, theocratic has been festering ever since the 1979 Islamic Revolution that imposed regressive rules of dress and social conduct on Iranians, especially women.

This particular gesture — taking off a hijab and waving white fabric — is a part of White Wednesdays, a protest that began earlier in 2017 to oppose the law that women must be covered up.

The whole affair is feminism 101: Women don’t want to have their clothing, to say nothing of various other liberties, restricted by the state. You’d think Western liberals would be falling over themselves to show support for White Wednesdays and the entire uprising.

After all, American cities were flooded by women and their allies taking to the streets one year ago to protest Donald Trump’s ill-advised comments about grabbing women. Canadians also took to the streets in allegiance.

You’d therefore think Canadians would be out in droves to show their support for the women and people of Iran. Not only is this about women’s rights, but liberty for everyone. Yet many Western voices have been silent and, in Canada, that silence starts at the top.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau routinely refers to himself as a feminist and has championed progressive values to the point they’ve undermined Canada’s position in trade talks with China, the Pacific Rim and the U.S.

We support Trudeau’s good intentions when it comes to being a global champion for Western values, even if we question his execution.

But we don’t understand his silence on Iran, especially given that morality police only a few weeks ago said they’ll no longer arrest women who fail to observe the Islamic dress code.

Neither do many former Iranians now living in Canada. “Innocent lives are at stake here,” Avideh Motmaen, a Toronto-area human rights activist, wrote to the Sun. “It is beyond party politics.

If Trudeau continues his relative silence on Iran, it places the authenticity of his progressivism in doubt.


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