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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith wrongfully vilified for gender-transitioning policy

February 2024

Re: Policy on gender caring, compassionate, reasonable (Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun, 3 February 2024):

As the usual crowd of woke progressives begin their campaign of hate and intolerance in fighting against Premier Danielle Smith’s recently proposed policy changes relating to gender and transitioning sexes for minor children, they might want to take into consideration the opinions and experiences of de-transitioners like Chloe Cole. The 19-year-old American woman has been speaking out regarding her transition at the age of 12 and subsequent de-transition at 17-years-old.

The self-described “Tomboy,” who is on the autism spectrum, was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at 9-years-old, prescribed the puberty blocker Lupron and testosterone injections at age 13, a year after beginning her transition, then had a double mastectomy two years later. By the age of 17, Cole concluded that she had made a mistake and began the process of de-transitioning, after doing irreversible damage to her young body. She is now suing the healthcare company and doctors involved in her transition.

While Cole doesn’t oppose gender transitioning for adults, critics still dismiss her as being “the poster child for far-right politicians and religious conservatives working to ban gender-affirming care…” for minors. Those same critics are showing incredible intolerance by dismissing Cole’s personal experience as irrelevant and bigoted. If it’s supposed to be about what’s best for the child, why should we dismiss as bigoted the idea that a minor child may not have been “born in the wrong body,” but may actually have other medical issues or influences that are the cause of the gender dysphoria.

Sources: Chloe Cole – Wikipedia, How a Few Stories of Regret Fuel the Push to Restrict Gender Transition Care – The New York Times (nytimes.com), Smith’s gender policy is caring and reasonable despite Trudeau attacks | Toronto Sun, The tragedy of Jazz Jennings – spiked (spiked-online.com).

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