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Resolution Island Air Force Station (United States Air Force):

Opened in 1954 as Resolution Island Air Force Station of the United States Air Force, with the radar functions being run by No. 920 Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron. The station would guide interceptors from the 64th Air Division at RCAF Station Goose Bay.

Although officially a Pinetree site, it was rumored to be a listening post for spying on the Russians.

The station closed in 1961.

The site was re-activated by the Canadian Government as an unmanned North Warning System radar site in 1991. Most of the original buildings remain, mixed with new radar towers.

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  1. Ronald E. Flanigan, Sr

    I was stationed at the 920th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron, Resolution Island, NWT Canada in 1960. My duty was Cryptographer and I also managed the Airmen’s Club. My description of “Reso” is cold, isolated and lonely. roneflan@gmail.com

    1. Bruce Forsyth

      Hi Ronald,

      Thanks for stopping by my web site and for your comments. If you have any photos that you wish to share, please send them to bruce@militarybruce.com.



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