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Hamilton Militia District / Hamilton District

A Brief History:

Courtesy of Colonel (Ret’d) James C. Forsyth, CStJ, CD, CA

On 01 September 1970, Militia-lead “Areas” and “Districts” came into being. Hamilton Militia District (HMD), headquartered at Canadian Forces Reserve Barracks (CFRB) Hamilton, reported to Central Militia Area (CMA) Headquarters, located at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Downsview. The original HMD units were:


11 Field Regiment, RCA (with 11 Battery in Hamilton)


The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment)

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise’s)

23 (Hamilton) Service Battalion, including 16 Medical Company, RCAMC

No. 1 Independent Signals Squadron

St. Catharines:

The Lincoln and Welland Regiment (with D Company in Niagara Falls)


In 1973, No. 1 Signals Squadron was transferred to the new Communications Reserve, and The Lorne Scots transferred to HMD from Toronto Militia District.

In 1977, 16 Medical Company, now part of the unified Canadian Forces Medical Service, was re-named 23 (Hamilton) Medical Company and made an independent command. 23 (Hamilton) Medical Company did remain a part of Hamilton Militia District for administrative purposes.

On 18 August 1990, CMA was replaced by Land Forces Central Area (LFCA), which was the first of the “Total Force” headquarters, bringing all Militia and Regular army units in Ontario under one command. At the same time, the word “Militia” was dropped from the district titles.

In early 1994, National Defence Headquarters, in response to the need to streamline its organization, announced that Hamilton District would be removed from the order-of-battle. The Lincoln and Welland Regiment and The Lorne Scots were transferred to Toronto District.

All other units were transferred to London District, which became 31 Canadian Brigade Group (31 CBG) on 01 April 1997. Hamilton District was reduced to nil strength on 18 June 1995 and was known temporarily as London District Detachment – Hamilton for administrative purposes.

Hamilton District officially ceased to exist on 29 September 1995.


Commanders of the Hamilton Militia District / Hamilton District:

Colonel J.A. Williamson, CD – September 1970 – October 1972

Colonel H.D. Chapman, CD – October 1972 – October 1975

Colonel R.W. Yorke, CD – October 1975 – October 1978

Colonel L.M Salmon, CD – October 1978 – October 1980

Colonel F.E. Ching, CD, ADC – October 1980 – October 1983

Colonel J.C. Forsyth, CD, ADC – October 1983 – June 1987

Colonel T.K. Quinn, CD, ADC – June 1987 – September 1990

Colonel G.E. Burton, CD, ADC – September 1990 – October 1993

Colonel J.G. Ruddle, CD, ADC – October 1993 – September 1995


Photos of the Commanders of the Hamilton Militia District / Hamilton District (Photos by DND, except where noted):


Assorted photos:


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