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Muskwa Garrison, Fort Nelson

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  1. Joy Davies

    hi Bruce,this is a wonderful resource.Am wondering if I can copy the Muska Garrison photo,Ft Nelson for myself and a family member?I was born there in 1955 and cant find any photos anywhere else.I am trying to find a photo of the military hospital at that time and the military Drs name for Sept 1955.Thankyou for your wonderful site and adding this photo.USA vets probably would love to have this one as its from when the Alaska Highway was first being built and onward towards the Second World War threat of invasion.Thankyou for serving in Canada to protect our nation as well.

    1. Bruce Forsyth

      Hi Joy,

      Thanks for the complement. Certainly you can copy the photo. If you do come across any other photos, please let me know: bruce@militarybruce.com.


  2. Joy Davies

    Ty Bruce for allowing me a copy of the photo.If I do come across any others I will send them to you.Have a great day!

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