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Abandoned Armouries

Not all communities have a full size base in the area, but years ago, even the smallest communities had an armoury or drill shed at which the local Militia trained. Some were large ornate buildings, and some were smaller that barn, but all served their purpose. In some cases, the buildings outlived their usefulness as a military facility, and others closed when the local militia unit disbanded.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not meant to be a complete list of abandoned armouries across Canada, but simply a sampling.  If you notice that an abandoned armoury in your city or town is missing, please contact me and I will add it.  If you can forward some information and photos, that would be appreciated too.

A full list of armouries across Canada can be found at:


Some of the former amouries that dot the country are:


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LCol W.C. Craig Armoury: Opened in 1940 in Vermillion, Alberta. Closed in 1965. The former armoury is now a Legion Hall and also used by local cadets and the rifle club. Source Material: information supplied by Bob Maggs, resident of Vermillion (2004).

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Cobourg Armoury: Opened in 1904 as the home of the Cobourg Heavy Battery and the Northumberland Battalion of Infantry. During World War II, the armoury was the HQ for the 14th Field Artillery, the 347th Field and the 36th Field. After the War, the 33rd Medium Regiment was stationed at the armoury. Summer recruit courses …

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