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Crumbling resort hotel a relic of a by-gone era

May 2018

In the Catskill region of New York State lie the crumbling ruins of Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel. Opened in 1919 by Asher Selig Grossinger and his wife Malka, the resort was once the premier, and one of  largest of the Borscht Belt resorts kosher resort for Jewish clients from New York City.

The luxurious resort was known for hosting many notable guests like Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Robinson and boxer Rocky Marciano, who would train for fights at the resort.

By the 1950s the resort featured a ski hill, tennis courts, a golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a skating rink and theatres.

In 1952, Grossinger’s earned the distinction of being the first resort in the world to use artificial snow on their ski hill.

The Resort evolved from a Victorian hotel, later remodeled with Mission-style improvements, through a Tudor-styled expansion in the 1940s and ending with the construction of Modernist-style accommodations, a large glass-enclosed pool area and entertainment facilities in the 1950s and 1960s.

Jackie Mason, Buddy Hacket, Joan Rivers, Jerry Lewis and Mel Brooks were frequent performers at the resort.

By 1972, the 1200 acre resort had grown to 35 buildings, some of which housed ballrooms and auditoriums, hosting nightly entertainment and events on the sports fields.

It even had its own airstrip and post office.

In August 1984, Grossinger’s played host to a 15th anniversary celebration of the Woodstock Festival, featuring tie-dying workshops, a midnight showing of the four-hour version of the Woodstock documentary, a performance by David Clayton-Thomas and appearances by John Sebastian and Abbie Hoffman.

For fans of the 1987 film “Dirty Dancing,” Grossinger’s was the inspiration for the fictional Kellerman’s Resort featured in the film.

Although it was once one of the largest Borscht Belt resorts, by the late 1970s Grossinger’s was on the decline. Cheaper airfare enabled families to travel to more exotic destinations more, further than the 100-mile drive from New York City.

Younger guests no longer seemed interested either, preferring newer resorts for their vacations.

The rise of the cruise-ship industry also contributed to Grossinger’s decline.

Hotels International bought the resort in 1985 with plans for a $4 million renovation to the 585-room, Tudor-style hotel but Grossinger’s continued to decline.

The resort was sold to Servico in 1986, but the resort closed later that year. Although the golf course remains open to this day, Servico declined to re-open the hotel due to the high costs of renovating and maintaining it.

Several other companies similarly failed to come up with a workable plan to re-open the hotel and it was left to deteriorate.

The golf course however, remained in operation and is still open as of 2018.

Grossinger’s was purchased by Louis Cappelli through his Cappelli Enterprises company in September 2013 with the intention of demolishing the buildings and constructing a casino and new hotel.

By 2017, plans were amended eliminating the casino in favour of a housing development.  Cappelli Enterprises made an application to the State Department of Environmental Conservation to designate the former Grossinger’s resort as a brownfield site, which would make the property eligible for state aid in removing contamination from underground fuel tanks, dry-cleaning chemicals and other resort-related operations.

As off 2018, the crumbling buildings remain on the deserted property.


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